Support beyond financing

  • Funding
  • Strong network in the energy and maritime sector
  • Strategic partner for long term, in a neutral position
  • Visibility
  • Technological and engineering expertise
  • R&D&I roadmap management
  • Intellectual and industrial property experience
  • Scientific skills: cryogenics, material science, mechanical engineering, gas processing, H2 production, maritime applications
  • Technology development experience: R&D roadmap management, hardware innovation, testing means, intellectual property strategy, and supplier qualification process.

Our Portfolio Companies


Tunable delivers real-time multigas analysers combining micro and nanotechnology with infrared spectroscopy to ensure fast, reliable and accurate measurements. Their commitment to miniaturisation is their contribution to a more sustainable world.


French deep tech company that has designed an energy recovery system applicable in high pressure industrial settings.


Wind-assisted propulsion systems that harness renewable energy as a turnkey solution to all shipowners and operators looking to improve the environmental and economic performance of their fleet.


Energo is developing a disruptive technology based on the plasma catalysis process, which enables the production of renewable energies such as green hydrogen, biofuels or methane from CO2, biogas and ammonia.


CryoCollect has specialized in the design and engineering of gas treatment, liquefaction and separation technologies for gases such as bio-methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.


Seaber is a Finnish maritime software company dedicated to reducing inefficiencies, costs and the environmental impact of bulk and break bulk shipping.